About us

BEWI Energy AS was formed 01.01.19 to enter the Energy Market with new, innovative and sustainable solutions that will utilize and grow the existing BEWI Group network of 32 factories spread across Europe.

BEWI Energy AS is a global provider of smart and sustainable solutions to the energy sector. The company targets to enable its customers to work safer and more efficient, reducing both time and cost. All BEWI Energy’s solutions are re-usable and recyclable, resulting in lower CO2 emissions. BEWI Energy’s majority owner is the Bekken family, who is also the majority owner of the listed company BEWI ASA, a leading international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions. BEWI Energy has entered an agreement with BEWI ASA about production of the company’s products

Our focus on the Energy Sector represents a major growth potential. New products deriving from recycling of plastics used in the industry in combination with our enthusiasm will show significant effect in the years to come.

Our contribution

The 17 UN Sustainability Goals are high on our priority list.

BEWI Energy has a clear focus to align every activity we do with one or several of the 17 UN sustainability goals. Top management has already changed several internal processes to make sure we contribute as much as possible and we will not start a new without ticking off positive contribution to at least one of the 17 areas. We encourage you to visit www.unenvironment.org to read up should you not already be well enlightened.

Read more about our work with sustainability and QEHS here.



The Bewi Protector will be used, reused and reused until reaching a status where we recycle the product – Inside the ESPS parameters of the offshore base. On top we are receiving ALL EP / EPS plastic returning to base from the rigs in Norwegian waters. This plastic is cleaned, grinded and processed in order to become new protectors and pallets in a circular model. Excess raw material will be used across our factory network to increase recycled plastic percentage content in our wide variety of products in the Bewi Group.


Circular Economy

Plastic is a tremendous resource. Human handling of plastic is however a major challenge. We need to change the way we behave around how we treat plastic once used. Plastic is one of few raw materials that can be recycled over and over again, but that will not be possible unless collected and processed. Bewi Energy is now expanding our recycling capacity and we estimate some 10.000 tonnes pr. month to be added to our existing activity by end 2020. This is high quality raw material that will ensure significant content of recycled plastic in all our products and will lead to new products that will change the way we think



Bewi Energy top management all come from industries requiring very high quality and extreme focus on EH&S QHSE. As a result, we have introduced new guidelines to all our employees to make sure we have workplace safety on top of our mind. “Do things right the firs time” equals high quality and positive customer experiences. NO waste from our activity shall be treated outside our guidelines and this has led a well-established organization in to an “environmental police” force.