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BEWI Group


It would be no surprise to learn that BEWI Energy AS, being a part of the significant BEWI Group, has established a solid cooperation with our sister companies.

The BEWI Smart Protector is manufactured in Norway by our highly automated factory at Stjørdal, near Trondheim Airport. The EU directive flagging a minimum content of 50% recycled plastic in ALL new plastic production by 2025 is taken seriously by the BEWI Group. We stretch much further and aim at a level of 90% use of recycled plastic in many of our products. The BEWI Smart Protector being one of them, alongside new products under development. We are keen to discuss solutions that would improve environmental impact of plastic usage; hence we constantly look for smarter ways to recycle the fantastic properties of plastic.

New products will be presented on the fly.

Please have a look under the section “Sustainability & QEHS” to learn more on our journey to contribute positively to the UN`s Sustainability goals, QHES, Environmental footprint and visit and to learn more of our significant product portfolio. You might find inspiration that will solve an existing challenge by twisting your approach?

BEWI is also the sole owner of where a significant opportunity in scrubber / absorber products for flue gas desulphurization tower internals, packing and process applications exist.
You might even find that heavy steel constructions might be replaced by light weight strong materials with non-corrosive properties? Let’s explore together and seek innovative solutions!

Feel free to contact us and we will make sure the right contact person is established.



DELPRODUKT AS is a wholly owned BEWI Energy company with more than 50 years’ experience in machining, welding, surface treatment and assembly of the full range of alloys required in the high-end market.

Our machine park is impressive and matches all the requirements expected. Combining DELPRODUKT with our partnership with Valfacts & Combet valves and ANVIL secures very short delivery times for spare parts at very high quality. We look forward to launching this workshop shortly. More info to come

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NorSea Group


BEWI Energy has entered a substantial agreement with The NorSea Group in relation to establish plastic recycling plants inside the ISPS areas on all the NorSea Group offshore bases in Norway, followed by Denmark, UK and Holland.

We have signed an agreement on land rental of 5.000 sqm pr. base and have established a project group to drive the first installation in place at Vestbase in Kristiansund by Q1 2021. The building mass will be built by the NorSea Group according to our drawings and specifications, and BEWI Energy will rent this building mass over 15-year contract periods.
The process plant to be installed is under design by BEWI Energy.
All hard plastics in return from offshore activity to all the NorSea Group Bases will be collected by BEWI Energy for recycling in cooperation with the NorSea Group. This represent a significant investment plan and generates considerable positive contribution to improved environmental-, sustainability- and QHSE goals.
BEWI Energy has also entered an agreement of rental of a large facility to house our Valve Service and repair shop inside the base at KSU.

Press release November 6th 2019.

Anvil International LLC


BEWI Energy is proud to announce that we have entered an exclusive agreement with ANVIL International LLC

Anvil International LLC’s history stretches back to the mid 1800’s, providing the finest quality pipe hangers and hardware. Since the early days, Anvil has expanded its portfolio and the markets it serves. Today, under its Power & Process Division (AP&P), Anvil International focuses to keep plants, operations and processes up and running, streamlining the design, engineering, procurement, installation, service and repair of critical valve, and pipe support components. AP&P consists of three business units: Anvil EPS – providing engineered pipe supports, hydraulic snubbers, engineering and associated fabrications, Basic-PSA – providing mechanical snubbers and snubber field services, and MegaWatt Machine Services – providing premium non-OEM valve components and valve repair services. AP&P is positioned to provide a clear “one stop shop” for customers delivering the best combination of world class engineered products and services.

The BEWI Energy / Megawatt cooperation will open up for a serious change in spare part delivery time – and availability.

BEWI Energy is the sole owner of Delprodukt AS, in Norway, and our cooperation will provide our customer base the option of spare part manufacturing in the US - or in Norway, depending on machine availability, capacity and delivery time requirements. Megawatt has over 50 years built a significant library of Step Files for CNC programming hence these can be sent to Delprodukt for machining – or ready spares sent by express from Megawatt depending on which would be the fastest way of delivery. Delivery time can be reduced to days and not weeks.

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BEWI Energy is proud to announce that we have entered into an Exclusive Distributor agreement with FANUC covering Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and The Baltic Countries covering the Oil and Gas offshore market in the North Sea Basin and refineries onshore in the respective countries.

We have also entered an agreement covering Non-Exclusive distribution rights covering Oil & Gas activities offshore in the rest of the world.

FANUC and BEWI Energy has also agreed that all 32 existing BEWI Group factories in Europe (and any future additions) will be covered in our agreement as a third element in our significant relation.
FANUC has contributed strongly in developing a fully ATEX Ex Zone 1 or Zone 2 robotic solution able to mount and dismount our own developed BEWI Tubular Protectors in the Red Zone on the drill floor – pipe floor and onshore bases (the latter with non-Ex requirements)

The robot used will be ready for harsh environment, rough climate and operate even in several degrees C° minus.
BEWI Energy AS have a highly professional organization to cover on site surveys, engineering, installation, FAT / SAT and installation of the FANUC robot solutions. A network of service engineers will be able to handle both shore and offshore service by demand, as well as providing a 24/7 remote assistance. FANUC will provide full assistance to BEWI Energy during the organizational build – and after if required.
Delprodukt AS, solely owned by BEWI Energy AS, has developed and manufactures a tailor made gripper tool to be used for this specific task. We are naturally available for seeking solutions to automate and robotize other repetitive tasks on board a rig / vessel that would improve QHSE and save time. Please feel free to contact us for a clarifying meeting on your request and we will jointly find the right robot and tool required.
Please visit for full details on the significant product offering.

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BEWI Energy AS and Eltorque AS have entered an agreement where BEWI Energy AS are appointed the Exclusive Distributor of the Eltorque Product range for the offshore Oil and Gas market in the North Sea Basin, including onshore Downstream markets in Norway, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

Eltorque develops, manufactures and markets electric actuators and control systems for the international shipbuilding, offshore and onshore industries.
This is agreement falls in line with our strategy to become THE most professional valve and actuator sales-, inspection-, repair-, engineering-, installation- and service provider in Europe. Our Engineering department will be able to assist your requirements both in regard to refit, upgrades or new build installations.

The Eltorque range of actuators, control system and components contribute to a significant improvement in process control through innovative solutions generating cost savings, ease of installation and maintenance.
The Eltorque Actuator range have ATEX Ex Zone 1 approvals for some models, and the remaining portfolio is ready for certification by request. The entire control system, components, cabling and connectors are designed to meet SIL 2 approvals. We are more than happy to certify by request.

There is a variety of high-quality butterfly valves from Ghibson included in this agreement. Please contact us for details.

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Valfacts & Combet


BEWI Energy As proudly announces that we have entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement covering the Offshore Oil & Gas activities in the North Sea Basin with Valfacts B.V hence also their subsidiary Combet Valves B.V. This agreement also covers onshore Oil & Gas activities, the Energy sector and Aquaculture vertical in Norway.

A third element in this agreement covers the relevant needs of the 32 existing BEWI Group factories in Europe, as well as any future additions to our group. Valfacts and Combet Valves represents decades of experience in the POG vertical and their high-quality standards is a perfect match to our build up of the most comprehensive Valve Repair and Maintenance shop in Norway at Vestbase (KSU) in Kristiansund, Norway.

This agreement allows for BEWI Energy to sell, inspect, repair, maintain and service the full product range of Valfacts and Combet Valves through our own certified engineers trained by the respective manufacturers.



Coastline Solutions


BEWI Energy AS is proud to announce that we have entered a long-term agreement with Coastline Solutions AS.

Coastline Solutions AS is located in Kristiansund and has developed innovative and solid logistics solutions throughout the waste material value chain. Their proximity to Vestbase in Kristiansund is a perfect match to the establishment of our plastic recycling plant inside the ISPS boundaries of Vestbase. BEWI Energy and Coastline Solutions will jointly develop and support existing sustainability projects that ensures a significant improvement to the overall environmental footprint, QHSE and the UN`s sustainability goals. Todays handling of plastic waste represents a major improvement opportunity and we will jointly seek to turn todays waste in to a great resource.

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TIV Valves


TIV Valves have appointed BEWI Energy as their authorized distributor and representative for the Norwegian market.

TIV Valves press release:

To better serve our clients in Norwegian market, we have appointed BEWI Energy as our au- thorized distributor and representative for the Norwegian market until July 7th, 2021. Through BEWI Energy, we can guarantee that our Norwegian customers will receive in-country aftermarket support, proper warranties and genuine valves and spares.

We trust the above will enable you to obtain the best support from our organization and should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About TIV Valves

Based in Northen Italy, TIV VALVES was founded in January 2010 to fill a void in quality custom engineered API 6D Ball Valves in the Oil & Gas market, and in April 2019 TIV was acquired by the Italian group Pietro Fiorentini, which shifted all its valves production in TIV’s facility based in Rescaldina (Milan/Italy).

Since then, we have shipped more than 25,000 valves in five continents to all the main End Users and EPC’s companies. We meet your simple yet crucial requirements with high quality Italian design, concentrated production lots, severe application and short lead times.

We sell high quality engineered valves with an Italian design.

Applications for our service designed valves include: corrosive fluids, high temperature, cryo- genic, underground, and any special requirements from our customers.

We follow API 6A, API 6D, ISO 15848, ISO 104597 standards.

TIV VALVES meets your testing requirements in accordance with industry standards and cus- tomer specifications with: fugitive emission, performance and functionality, high pressure gas, high temperature, low temperature, fire safe, NOE Inspections.

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