BEWI Smart Chip – ATEX Ex Zone 1, approval pending

BEWI Smart Chip

The BEWI Smart Chip is a new innovation that will follow the requested equipment it`s attached to. In other words; the chip is not limited to the Tubular Protectors.

The properties will mainly be monitoring of humidity and temperature during transport, including monitoring of physical impact to detect impacts that might have damaged the product it is attached to. An LED will provide a green light if all parameters are under alarm levels, an orange light will illuminate should there be conditions at “pre-alarm” levels, and a red light will be visible if one of three alarm limits have been detected.
A full history log from first moment of activation till end of mission will be available to monitor when any alarm level was reached.
It is possible to locate the X,Y, Z coordinates of each individual chip down to sub 1 meter accuracy within the designated areas i. e offshore base, vessel or Rig.
You will get this information either on your office computer (anywhere) or on a personal smart phone locally on site.

The chip can be started, used, erased, reprogrammed and used over and over until the battery runs out of power. Normal estimated time frame is approx. 5 years.
The chip will carry its own manufacturer data as serial number, day and year of production including batch number and sequence number.
The customer, supplier, site and project number data can be programmed to the chip to provide full search opportunities to individual projects, customers or devices in alarm status. All smart chips attached to components belonging to one specific project will by this opportunity show its presence – and location.
There are other smart functions attached to this chip and we prefer to disclose these properties during dialogue with our customers.

The Smart chip is still undergoing pilot testing and awaiting ATEX approvals. Estimated to be certified, piloted and fully tested by Q2 2020.