Other Products

Other products

Feel free to explore the full Bewi Group for products made of a variety of plastic qualities and EPS at www.bewi.no and www.bewisynbra.com

We would be more than happy to ensure you are connected with the right professional to discuss tailor making of products to meet your demand – if not already available.

Bewi Biobe is deeply involved in scrubber / absorber products for flue gas desulphurization tower internals, packing and process applications. COշ and SOշ separation & capture is on high demand. Feel free to read up on our progress at www.biobe.no/bpac-assortment/ 

We also develop new lightweight materials able to meet the properties of steel pipe that would reduce weight and remove corrosion as a challenge. Please contact sales@bewienergy.com for more information
Specific products made possible by our recycling plant at Vestbase will be presented shortly.