Bewi Energy AS is proud to announce a major investment plan to establish a plastic recycling plant inside the ISPS boundaries of NorSea Group's Vestbase in Kristiansund, Norway. This is only the first of several facilities aimed at collecting various grades of plastics used in the offshore industry and in land-based activities near the NorSea Group bases.

Plastic is a tremendous resource. Plastic is often better, lighter and cheaper than alternative products in wood, metal or glass, and can be given properties these materials cannot be given. Unfortunately, plastic littering has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the worlds ability to deal with them.

By managing the entire plastic chain – from raw materials to the final products – we are committed to finding more circular and sustainable solutions.

For us, circular economy is about closing the cycle and utilizing resources as optimally as possible. In an ideal world, this means that waste as a concept disappears. What was previously considered waste is for us new raw materials and input factors in our products. However, the circular economy is not just about waste management. It is also about creating and offering products and services in a new way that eliminates waste. For us, this means designing products that reduce environmental impact in both production, transport and use/lifetime. It is about designing products so that they are easy to be recycled. It also involves thinking completely new and facilitating rent rather than owning. By having the responsibility for the products throughout their lifetime we can optimize the entire value chain as well as establishing return schemes to ensure that the waste that arises is collected and can go back into the cycle as raw materials. For BEWi Energy, the core of the circular economy is to utilize resources as optimally as possible and we believe the circular economy will ensure more sustainable use of resources while contributing to value creation, jobs and economic growth by being more resource efficient. 

The Bewi Protector will be used, reused and reused until reaching a status where we recycle the product – Inside the ESPS parameters of the offshore base. On top we are receiving ALL EP / EPS plastic returning to base from the rigs in Norwegian waters. This plastic is cleaned, grinded and processed in order to become new protectors and pallets in a circular model. Excess raw material will be used across our factory network to increase recycled plastic percentage content in our wide variety of products in the Bewi Group.

What we aim to do in the various stages of our value chain?
Raw materials: Our aim is to embrace the decoupling of the use of virgin raw materials and economic growth. We aim to do this through resource efficiency, circularity and sustainable resource management.

Product design: An important part of our work is product development. We work continuously to employ the right materials for appropriate lifetime and extended future use. By improving design, we can develop products that have a longer lifetime, are suitable for recycling and increase the efficiency of transport - smaller volumes to transport means less impact on nature.

Production and manufacturing of products: in production we are committed to ensure that we use renewable energy, use recycled raw materials, non-toxic resources and establish energy efficient production processes.

Distribution of products: transport is a huge part of the value chain and accounts for much of the CO2 emissions. We aim to use Digital Technology, meaning that we can track and optimise resource use and strengthen connections between supply-chain actors through digital, online platforms and technologies. Simultaneously we seek to remove the need for some of the transport by recycling and manufacturing inside the area of use of the product. 

Use and reuse: we are committed to work to reuse and repair our products to maximise their lifetime and give them a second life through take-back strategies, where applicable.  

Collection and recycling: After use, our products will be collected and included in our collection and management systems securing that the plastic is not ending up in the sea. BEWi Energy will focus on securing collection of plastic from our own products in addition to plastic waste coming from offshore, shipping and marine sector. Our aim is to collect and recycle 100 000 tons/year where we will produce high quality raw materials that we will use in our production.  


“We believe that the winners of the future will be those who develop and produce products and services in a way that unites social and environmental responsibility with their own profitability”. 

Details on our contributions to waste management, COշ reduction, transportation reduction and QHSE and Environmental contributions to be presented once ready.

Please read the press release for future details.