About BEWI Energy

About us

BEWI Energy AS is a global provider of smart and sustainable solutions to the energy sector.

Our goal is to enable our customers to work safer and more efficient, reducing both time and cost. All BEWI Energy’s solutions are re-usable and recyclable, which contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

BEWI Energy’s majority owner is the Bekken family. They are also the majority owner of the listed company BEWI ASA, a leading international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions. BEWI Energy has entered an agreement with BEWI ASA about production of the company’s products.

Our focus on the Energy Sector represents a major growth potential. New products deriving from recycling of plastics used in the industry, in combination with our enthusiasm, will have significant effect in the years to come.

At our production facilities in Stjørdal, Norway, we have three injection molding machines, with an output potential upwards of 400 000 protectors per year each. If need be, similar machines may be installed at any other suitable location.

"The tests we did showed a reduction of SKU with more than 80%"

Bernardo Pestana Mello

Tubular Management Services Director

Sustainability goals

To achieve a more sustainable society, every business must contribute towards reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We use the SDGs as a compass to find new ways to create value, which delivers environmental, social and financial success.
Our ambitions: 
  • Become a circular business, where we contribute to value creation and at the same time reduce environmental impact. 
  • Create safe and secure working environments, by focusing on higher levels of productivity through diversification, technical upgrading and innovation. 
  • Become a leading and preferred actor when it comes to prevention, collection and recycling from marine plastic littering.
  • Strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development. 
In order to achieve our goals, we will work internally within our organization and collaborate with governments, external experts, our partners, clients and other stakeholders to create shared value and promote sustainable production and consumption.

Board of directors

Gunnar Syvertsen
CEO Heidelbergcement Northern Europe AB
Chairman Frøya Invest AS

Svein Ola Syrstad
VP Drilling & Well, Det Norske
VP Drilling & Well, Aker BP

Svenn Bekken
Founder of BEWI

Stig Waernes
CEO, BEWI Holding AS
Chairman Overaae Holding AS