Protectors as a service

Rental Models for the BEWI Universal Protectors

Our universal protectors are available as a service in the North Sea Basin.

Our goal is to ensure that your protectors are part of a circular solution. By subscribing to the BEWI Energy solution, you get a reliable supply of reusable protectors and sustainable handling of other plastic materials.

  • We handle all the logistics and infrastructure.
  • A circular solution for plastic handling.
  • No investment in equipment, training or staff is needed.
  • Transparent pricing and annual invoicing.
  • Consumption revision and volume adjustment at the end of the year.
Two workers in the oil and gas sector removing the BEWI Universal Protector from a pipe

Soon available globally

For global customers we are currently building a network of selected partners enabling an infrastructure that can provide a reliable and sustainable supply of universal protectors as a subscription. With a large network of selected partners worldwide, our goal is to handle both production, storage, logistics, transport and collection. This will simplify logistics and operations, while at the same time meet all Taxonomy requirements.

We will inform as soon we are ready in each region.

Some of our partners

  • Evolve Surplus delivers circular economy solutions which facilitate reuse and refurbishment of specialist equipment and infrastructure in the energy and resources sector.
  • NorSea Group provides supply bases and integrated logistics solution to the offshore industry.


Our contribution to a sustainable world is 100% plastic

By managing the entire plastic chain, from raw materials to the final products, we are committed to finding more circular and sustainable solutions