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Unique service

Remote witness technology

With the Remote Witness Technology we share live video and real time data from our workshop. This enables immediate feedback and clarifications, giving our customers the benefits from a substantial reduction in travel time and overall cost.

Supported processes

  • Real-time expert assistance
  • Remote third party inspections (FAT. Test Reports++)
  • Customer support
  • Step-by-step digital workflows
  • Smart glasses, smartphones and tablets

Customer benefits

  • Reduction in overall lead time
  • Less need for third party personell offshore
  • Customer support and overall planning real-time
  • Better control of support when needed
  • Reduction in footprint due to less traveling
  • Real-time training of personnel

Source NOG guideline 143 (119)

Valve training

We have several courses. After completed training, the participant is certified to e.g.:

  • Safely operate the most commonly used valves.
  • Assess whether the valve works as intended.
  • Run function and leakage test.
  • Perform simple repair in the event of a fault.
  • Execute simple field maintenance.
  • Install/dismount valves of pipe systems.