BEWI Energy End Cap

The BEWI Energy End Cap for line pipes introduces some exciting and unique features.


  • The flexible band between outer and inner shell allows for hookability on a wide range of pipe wall thickness on pipes with the same outer diameter.
  • Pipes with the same outer diameter can have disparate inner dimensions, but the flexible plastic band between outer and inner shell ensures integrity.
  • Two ergonomic handles for easier mount and removal.
  • For better pipe protection, it has a soft seal that prevents ingress of water, dust or debris.
  • Tailor-made to customer specifications.
  • Can be purchased or rented.
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable.

Zero plastic waste

All BEWI Energy products are made of solid plastic, and will be used, and reused until reaching a status where we recycle the product. In this way, the amount of plastic waste is reduced to zero.


Certified by Norwegian accreditation

The BEWI Universal Protector meets the requirements of the industry.

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One pipe protector for each dimension

BEWI Energy´s products. Pipe protectors in different dimensions.

As the name implies, the main feature of the pipe protector is universal. For each dimension, there is one protector (Pin and Box), regardless of threading. With the “onesizefitsall”-approach stock-keeping units can be reduced by up to 80%.

5” – Pin & Box

5 ½” –  Pin & Box

9 5/8” – Pin & Box (Coming soon)

9 7/8” – Pin & Box (Coming soon)

13 3/8” – Pin & Box (Coming soon)

7” – Pin & Box

5” – Pin & Box

5 ½ “ – Pin & Box

5 7/8” – Pin & Box (Coming soon)

All of the above sizes

BEWI Universal Protector doga award

Awarded by DOGA💡

Innovative design

BEWI Smart Protector is awarded the DOGA Award for design and architecture for dealing with a fairly invisible, but nevertheless significant, environmental issue. This is a top-notch innovative industrial design based on a solid business model.”

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With a large network of selected partners, BEWI Energy handles production, storage, logistics, transportation and collection. This infrastructure is a guaranty for reliable supply within a sustainable, circular solution.

Protectors as a service

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Our protectors are available as a subscription in the North Sea Basin.

Our goal is to ensure that your protectors are part of a circular solution. By subscribing to the BEWI Energy solution, you get a reliable supply of reusable protectors and sustainable handling of other plastic materials.